“I believe in mental health check-ups. You mind deserves as much attention as your body.”

– Dr. Ericka Goodwin

Virtual Mental Health Services for You

How often do you have time that is just for you and only you? At Goodwin Medical Associates, our priority is creating a safe space for you and then holding space for you.

Goodwin Medical Associates is a place to land to get that high-quality personal touch with your mental health care. We believe that proactive care is important, so we created a program that can also help with stress and overwhelm even if a high-level mental health issue is not there.

We specialize in stress, burnout, anxiety, and depression.

We believe in more than just medication. Dr. Goodwin’s philosophy is “minimal medication for maximum effect.” We believe that good mental health is a human right and are making it accessible to you. We will patiently guide you through a customized strategy to get you the better mental health you deserve.

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How it works

Step 1

  • You start the process by clicking the button to book your 20 minute consultation.
    There is a $50 nonrefundable fee for this consultation that will go toward your 1st appointment.

Step 2

  • You will have the opportunity to learn about how our telepsychiatry services can help you, ask questions, and see if this is a good fit. Have your consultation in zoom with Dr. Goodwin.

Step 3

  • You take the next step to invest in yourself and your future by paying the fee and scheduling your appointment for your 90 minute comprehensive evaluation. You will then receive a welcome email.

Step 4

  • You begin the journey to a life transformed! Accept the invitation to the secure patient portal and complete your intake forms. Then, you just log in on your device for your appointment and get ready for me to help you be better.
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