After working around the country as a traveling doctor, Dr. Ericka Goodwin kept seeing that mental health care services were set up to fail the patient. In addition, people of color did not receive culturally competent care. It was time to do something about it.

Goodwin Medical Associates was formed to be the type of mental health care that went against the norm by blending cutting-edge Ivy League techniques, culturally-competent communication, and downhome Atlanta charm.

This combination makes her uniquely qualified to understand you and hold a safe space for you. Finally, you have access to first-class mental healthcare you deserve that is accessible and affordable.

Dr. Ericka Goodwin is on a mission to help you Be Better, Do Better, and Live Better. She is a Harvard-trained, double board-certified psychiatrist, bestselling author, top-rated speaker, integrative lifestyle coach, and creator of the hit podcast, “Better with Dr. Ericka.” Dr. Goodwin brings a warmness and welcoming demeanor to help put you at ease, so that you can relax enough to focus on your healing.

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